ICT Empowering Farmers

The use of information and communication technologies in innovative ways is helping farmers reap big in terms of information at their finger tips and research in general. Eight Tech Consults has been at the forefront of developing cost effective solutions to help agriculture as an industry, research and rural farmers engage in knowledge creation and dissemination and among themselves at every stage of the food chain.

Prof. Settumba B. Mukasa with Vincent Lwanyaga

Prof. Settumba B. Mukasa with Vincent Lwanyaga a Field Vine Multiplier from Kikoota Village Mpigi district.

These ICT tools have helped farmers easily find seed for their next planting, make orders for seed, apply for their field inspections among other things by the extension workers. At Eight Tech we are continuously finding better ways of proving cheap, efficient and cost effective solutions for the agricultural sector. We understand that farmers information priorities include weather information, disease resistant varieties, crop advisory or extension services and price information all of which information can be easily aggregated into one simple solution and that is what we are doing as Eight Tech.

Data collection as well as Monitoring and evaluation tools are crucial for the agricultural sector since its against the data collected that decisions are made. we have created a number of custom built applications on Android and using open source tools for our ever growing clientele to help in capturing of data from the field. These data collection tools increase the accuracy and efficiency of data collection process. The number of people needed while conducting a data collection exercise will be less than half you will need if conducting a paper based survey which reduces on the costs of the exercise plus also the time required to collect data will be reduced by 70%.

These tools among other things have Farmer Profile, Garden Mapping, Data Analysis,  Store and Forward, Monitoring and Evaluation components plus Reporting Modules. The information is relayed to a web system which will display the public data and the private one is only accessed through the dashboard by authorized persons.





Eight tech consults Ltd takes part in the Sweet Potato Seed System in Uganda

Eight tech consults Ltd well-known for its unique expertise in Websites and Mobile Application systems among other services offered , to yet again takes up another project of Sweet Potato  Seed system under the Ministry of Agriculture, animals and fisheries partnering with Professor Settumba Mukasa from Makerere University, Professor Samuel Kyamanywa from SENAI Bioscience Laboratories  and Harvest Plus .Eight tech consults  team attends the conceptual  review to present the model of the Sweet Potato mobile Application functionalities to the commercial beneficiaries ; farmers ,field inspectors , multi-vein suppliers and others from different regions in Uganda ,how the Application will work and its relative interfaces. Mr Abert Namanya  a software  Developer  from Eight Tech presents the system.


Eight Tech and Precious Beauty and Vocational College Staff Capacity Building Training

Eight tech Consults and precious Beauty and Vocational College had a capacity building training for its staff  following a series of training s to develop and strengthen the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations needs to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world change ,the staff attitudes and behavior through raising awareness and understanding of their responsibilities. This training tackled three major concepts to aid staff in acquiring high uptake knowledge on proposal writing, report writing and system analysis and design.

This training was facilitated by Dr. Drake Mirembe Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Eight Consults Ltd and Director at Precious Beauty and Vocational College and participants of the training comprised of staff of Eight tech Consults and Precious Beauty and Vocational College whom included Mr. Tumusiime Robert the Technical Manager, Mr. Lwevuze Joseph the e-learning specialists, Ms. Winnie Adengero the Business Development Executive, Mr. Namanya and Mr. Byaruhanga Steven both software developers from Eight Tech and Ms. Evelyn Nabiryo an Administrator at  Precious Beauty and Vocational College.

The main objective of the training was to develop the staffs’ business writing skills which will improve the team’s productivity and the quality of their work product. In addition, the training also focused on the following;

  1. Increase the efficiency in work processes leading to significant growth.
  2. Increase the capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.
  3. Increase innovation in project strategies and products service
  4. Enhance the staff motivation
  5. Building the team inter-work relationship.

After a successful training, we believe that there will be an improvement in business writing skills among the staff of Eight tech and Precious Beauty and Vocational College which will enable the increase in productivity and career development of staff at both organizations and hence growth.



UNESCO E-Learning training for teacher educators

The staff of Eight Tech Consults Limited is currently training teachers from Shimoni Shimoni Core Primary Teachers Collegeand 22 other core PTCs  on how to use the Teachers Education E-learning System (TEELS). The staff comprises of Professor Jude Lubega; Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Drake Patrick Mirembe; Senior Consultant, Mr. Robert Tumusiime; Software and Web Application Developer, Ms. Babirye Claire; E-Learning Systems Trainer, Mr. Joseph Lwevuze; E-learning Systems Trainer and Ms. Adengero Winnie; Content Authoring, Training and Administration.


European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development Phase II (PAEPARD II)

In 2017, ILRI was invited to host up to 8 PhD fellowships. This is in association with DAAD. Below please find the available ILRI –DAAD fellowship opportunities.

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Towards improved herd health in the smallholder pig systems in Uganda (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Analysis of adulterants, physicochemical and microbiological quality and shelf stability of local butter along the value chain in Jimma town and central highlands of Ethiopia (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: “Light-touch” interventions in the dairy value chain to improve food safety and health outcomes: assessing scale and sustainability (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Raw milk and children’s health: a risk assessment of the contribution of raw milk to the diets and the health of children in peri-urban settlements in Nairobi (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Agent-Based Simulation modeling for the study of emerging disease threats and outbreaks: A case study of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Uganda. (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Enhancement of participatory decision support tools to support improved feeding strategies by smallholder farmers in Malawi and beyond. (closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Genetics of tolerance to Theileria parva infection in Bos indicus cattle (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Economic analysis of milk quality certification in Rwanda (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Targeting and prioritizing value chain intervention for synergies and impact in smallholder crop livestock systems (Closing date: 31 January 2017)

ILRI-DAAD PhD Scholarship: Comparative analysis of ruminant GHG emission factors and GHG emissions intensities from different smallholder systems in Kenya and Tanzania. (Closing date: 31 January 2017)


PhD position: Formal methods in control (Munich, Germany)

We invite applications for a doctoral researcher position in the field of formal methods in control. The successful candidate is expected to advance theory of as well as computational methods for abstraction-based controller synthesis, to a degree that facilitates routine, fully automated, practical application of the approach to nonlinear continuous-state plants and complex specifications. The focus is on synthesis algorithms that are both efficient and formally

The project involves theoretical work, algorithm and software development, and, on a small scale, experimental work. There is no teaching requirement and no coursework to be completed. Competitive
salary is offered according to the tariff “TVOeD Bund, E 13”.

Required qualifications:
* MSc degree (or equivalent, giving access to doctoral studies) in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related field. Students about to complete their MSc will also be considered.
* Excellent academic record, showing a strong theoretical/mathematical background and a strong interest in dynamical systems.
* Proficiency in programming (C or Ada/SPARK).
* Excellent communication skills in English (CEFR level C1).

In addition, experience in one of the following fields would be a plus: Set-valued or validated numerics; dynamic programming; formal methods in control; reactive synthesis; professional-grade software development.

Your complete application consists of the following documents, which should be sent as a single PDF file to the email address given below (deadline: Feb 15, 2017):

* CV with photo
* One-page cover letter (clearly indicating available start date as well as relevant qualifications, experience and motivation)
* University certificates and transcripts (both BSc and MSc degrees)
* Contact details of up to three referees
* Possibly an English language certificate and a list of publications

All documents should be in English, with the exception of university certificates and transcripts, which may also be in German. The position is open to applicants worldwide; no special security
clearance necessary.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Gunther Reissig
Email: gunther2014@reiszig.de, Subject: PhD ref 1777
Web: http://www.reiszig.de/gunther/

University of the Armed Forces Munich, Germany
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Institute of Control Engineering


Internship opportunities for Kenyan, Rwandan and Uganda students in Indian IT companies

The International Trade Centre (ITC), a technical agency of the United Nations, is launching an Indo-East African Internship Programme in 2017, targeting female graduates and students from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The Indo-East African Internship programme is one of the initiatives under a project called Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA). The five-year project aims to facilitate trade, investment and technology transfer between India and East Africa.

The IT service sector is one of the key sectors for SITA in three countries: Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.  Each of the governments in these countries has prioritized the development of a vibrant IT service sector, and is investing in infrastructure, skills and capacity in order to build competitiveness and increase socio-economic development.

Young graduates and students often lack the opportunity of relevant hands-on experience, making it challenging for them to enter the job market. On the other hand, future employers find it difficult to identify young talents with employable skills. Furthermore, women working in the IT sector are still a minority – calling for initiatives to unlock this untapped potential across East Africa.

To help creating East African IT talent, SITA is launching a new Indo-East African Internship Programme, enabling high-potential female graduates and students from East Africa to gain skills, knowledge and experience in Indian IT companies.

The Indian IT sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Indian economy and a global market leader. Gaining practical skills and experiences in this environment will help young talent to enhance their employability at home as well internationally. It will also expose young East African women to latest technologies and technological developments, enabling them in bringing back knowledge of best practices from India to East Africa.


SITA partners with Indian IT companies to provide outstanding female graduates and students from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with a 3-6 months internship opportunity. Candidates will go through a rigid selection process, based on the companies’ requirements. SITA will support travel costs (international flight tickets) and costs for medical insurances. Companies will pay a small stipend to the interns.


 Kenyan, Rwandan, Ugandan nationals below 30 years

  • Only female candidates
  • Ideal candidates have a completed Master’s Degree. As a minimum requirement, candidates must have completed their Bachelor’s degree, with 60% and above throughout. Students in their final year of Bachelor’s degree will not be accepted
  • Eligible study programmes include: Computer Sciences; Computer Engineering, Information Technology; Applied Computing, Information Systems; Information Technology Enabled Services; and very similar.
  • There are also few non-technical internship positions. Here, minimum requirement is a completed Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Ideally, candidates have completed a Master’s Degree of Business Administration.
  • Technical profiles: Students must have practical experience in at least 1 programming language. They must be able to prove this practical experience (e.g. gained through a university project)-
  • Students must have outstanding written and oral communication skills

If you are interested to participate, please submit your application by Friday, 3 February 2017. Please complete the two following steps:

  1. Submit your application at http://www.intracen.org/sita/Indo-Africa-Internship/
  2. Send your CV to sita@intracen.org copy naturinda@intracen.org . Please put ‘Indo-East African Internship Programme’ in the subject line of the email. The name of your CV should be first lastname.firstname

Do note: Incomplete applications (missing information; missing CVs) will not be considered. Applications received later than 3 February 2017 will not be considered. Applications and CVs full of spelling errors, with incomplete information on names, titles, dates, degrees etc. will not be considered. Applications without contact details of at least two different individual referees will not be considered.

Please find more information here: www.intracen.org/sita/Indo-Africa-Internship/


Eight tech face lifts its website

Eight tech consults limited has unveiled its new online face to the public after the management felt the old website had served well but there was need to update to the technologies of the time and ensuring the websites responsiveness across all devices since the times demand for accessibility across all platforms and smaller devices account for a higher share of internet access and web searches.