EightLearning – Online eLearning Solution for Institutions / Organisations

EightLearning (8learning) is an e-learning solution for organizations / Institutions that want to run online courses for their staff or students. We manage the technology for you and we let you do the learning.  You can run your courses on our system and enroll your participants until completion. we can manage for you the system or we train a memb... Read More

MyGrades Web / Mobile University Results and Examination Registration System

MyGrades is a Web/Mobile solution for University staff, students and Parents. The system has a number of modules that allow students to view their marks once uploaded, Make complaints about any missing or incorrect marks, Register for new semester courses and more importantly discuss with Councillors within the App. The App further allows for time ... Read More

Staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration system

Our staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration System is a one stop solution for all an organization needs to manage their employees and track progress towards their work-plans for a given period. Each staff work-plan contributes towards the overall organization work-plan. The system is made of several module which include: O... Read More